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The No-Bullsh*t Luxury Bed Sheets

No middleman. No markups. No BS. Just a F*ing Good Night’s Sleep.

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Extremely Soft

Incredibly Breathable

Certified Egyptian Cotton

Allergy Friendly


No Harmful Chemicals

You’ve Been Lied To

Price not equal Luxury

Thread Count not equal Quality

Big Brand Names not equal A Good Night’s Sleep

Here’s the truth: you CAN get the luxury sheets you’ve always dreamed of at the price you’ve always wanted.

That Superior-Soft Feel

Something that envelops your body each night shouldn’t feel coarse or uncomfortable. Slumber sheets are 100% Certified Egyptian cotton intricately woven for the smoothest sleep experience you’ve ever had.

Slumber sheets are woven with extra-long cotton fibers for softer material, fewer exposed ends, and reduced snagging and pulling.

Shorter fibers make it easier for them to get caught, weakening your sheets.

Longer fibers drastically reduce chances of snagging and tearing, resulting in stronger sheets.

Goodbye Night Sweats.
Hello Breathable Sheets.

No more kicking sheets off in the middle of the night. Slumber sheets are so breathable you’ll keep them on all year long.

The sheets you currently own.
Our weaving pattern.
The sheets you currently own.
Our weaving pattern.

Slumber sheets are woven with our tested and optimized Percale weave. That means your body heat flows freely through, instead of being trapped by oppressive, double-layered weavning.

Perfect Sleep Starts With Perfect Threads (300 to be exact)

Extra-long fibers combined with one-ply mean you’re getting the lightest, sofest thread available. Our thread is of the highest quality.

Slumber sheets are 300 thread count, the most optimal count for quality sleep. Any higher count, and you’re sacrificing the ply and feel of your sheets.

Put Them On Right The First Time

No more trying to figure out which side is the long one. Slumber sheets come with helpful side labels, clearly indicidating how the sheet fits your bed.

No middleman. No markups. No BS.
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Feels super lightweight and crisp, a very cool night’s sleep for us.

Ashley L., New York, NY

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I’ve tried other percale sheets, and these are definitely the softest.

JChiwa W., Brooklyn, NY

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I love the feel of the sheets. Cool, Crisp. Comfortable.

Andrew W., Astoria, NY

It’s Time For An Actual Good Night’s Sleep